damn it. not another crash
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    its just sad. i mean, how many more times is this gonna happen. u know. i feel like those people are such cowards. they need to come out of their caves and fight liek real men, not like little kids. you know. i mean, its sad about how many have lost their lives already. God. it makes you scared to even live your life. but thats the whole point of it i guess. i dont know if it waas terrorist related or not..but its still a sad day and brings back lots of mental pics from 9-11. you know. god bless everyone!
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    I pray that all of my friends from phenland are safe today. I don't know what is happening in this world when you can be in your own home and be scared of something coming out of the sky and destroying your world. I pray for each and every one of you and your families. More people have died, more peoples lives have changed today. We don't know if it's terrorism or not yet, I pray that it wasnt.

    To all of you peace and love be with you.


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    I pray that it is not terrorism too, and what an awful misfortune for this to happen, when we have recently lost so many in New York already!

    I keep checking the news online, hoping to hear some word of the cause... If anyone hears, I hope they will post it immediately for all of us!

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