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    Dearest Fid:
    No, I didn't know you were home with an injury during the September 11th attacks!! You poor thing !!! Especially, you, being in the healing profession, I can't begin to imagine the feelings of helplessness you must have experienced.
    Were you alone to boot...? Yikes! I was driving around dropping my kids off at school then turning around and picking them up....bascially because I was afraid and wanted to be near them...then of course the frantic phone calls to everyone we know who lives/works near the late WTCs.
    What a challenge you had to stay on your fitness plan! How is your Bursites now?? How long will you have to stay off it? CAn you walk on it at all?
    Fid, my (very personal) feelings about the 11th is is just too big for me to find a spot to put it away in some compartment in my just don't fit yet. I NEED to talk about it still....I am going on with life very fuctionally but it still takes up a huge part of my life. I can't move on knowing so many died....I feel to honor "them" I need to stay aware and keep what happened in my conscienceness and everyone else's for that matter to make it matter?? I'm still a little confused sorry ....

    Tell me where you are at now with your fitness plan....amazingly I only gained 2 lbs ...muscle does have a memory!
    Take care Fid,
    Love, Marg

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    Good morning Marg!

    You know, it's great that we have our own little corner where we can chat---seems like you & I are the only ones who still need to do this...

    I am just like you, can't put it away yet, still getting teary several times a day, still hugging the hubby, the kids & the puppy, so, so grateful that we're OK. It's funny that my co-workers have gone on, or so it seems, with life when I'm still affected. I hope they get the charity stuff worked out so that the victims children can still go to college or whatever...

    I haven't gone back on the treadmill yet, & I really need to. My knee is fine now, just a nasty bump, but no pain. Now it's the puppy who is like a baby & I am not strict enough with him when I need to do stuff...I'm off tomorrow, so should be able to get on it then...

    Are you ready for Halloween? We're running out of candy at the local supermarket, I'll have to go to the drugstore for more if I don't have enough.

    How are you on this lovely day? I hear it's going to be balmy this weekend. I love that word, "balmy."

    Take care & don't inhale any anthrax, ha-ha.


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