A question from Socrates
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    A friend of mine was giving his thoughts on the tragedy. He got a little philosophical and he asked:
    Is something Holy because God
    likes it or does God like something because it is Holy?

    Do you guys have any thoughts on this?

    Thanks for sharing.

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    First let me start with my own question because I may be missing something that is really simple.

    Do you go by Tangi or Tangy? Just a typo? At what point was it a typo? When you joined or just tonight when posting? Maybe You always do this and I have just noticed this. My simple mind, don't give it another thought.

    OK your question is: Does God like something because its holy or is it holy because God likes it?
    What would you call Holy? To say that God likes that church because its Holy but does not like the tavern because its a bar is a good example.
    I feel, may not be right but you asked for our thoughts, that God likes BOTH. Not because one is Holy or not but because when you look back when Jesus walked the earth, He spent more time with the sinners in their homes and place of small/large gatherings. That is where the word needs to go in order to SAVE them.
    God LOVES all things, we make them Holy or not.
    Did this help or did I cause more confusion?
    What has helped is the fact that you had this conversation in the first place which in turn caused YOU to think and move forward to ask a question!!!! Keep searching, the many different things you will discover are food for your spirt.

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