Monday Morning........and a very DIFFERENT week.
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    Hello my wonderful Phen Family,

    I am just about to leave for work. My gosh...look at the time this is insane!
    But I just wanted to share my thoughts with you.....
    I can't help thinking~ last Monday at this time...everything was "normal"
    This week is different.
    Very different.
    I still feel so lost...and I can tell by so many of the posts here in the forum that a lot of you feel the same way I do.

    I hope and pray there won't be any more "surprise attacks". Aside from all the pain and loss of life in New York and Washington......I think we are all still a little scared. I know I am. I don't even like the sound of a plane going by.....
    that is way toooooo weird.

    I'd like to wish you all a good day do you do that? I don't even think that is the proper thing to say or do in a situation like this.
    Maybe I should just wish you......healing...or

    I have to go now....I was off yesterday so I don't have a "feel" for how things are at work. I'm sure one of the main topics is "will I have a job" or "will SWA have to lay off employees too"

    Take care and God Bless you all,

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    God Bless you Moony,

    I know you are already at work and helping people by now. I agree with you nothing quite seems appropriate you know. It's like a family member has died really, I don't know a soul personally in New York or Washington or on the planes, but my heart just aches for them and their families.

    I find myself watching CNN all day long, just to see if they find anyone else. I have prayed all day everyday. I understand how you feel, for I feel lost too. I am not sure what I should be doing or not be doing.

    I hope that your day goes smoothly for you and that nothing drastic happens at work, it sounds like you could probably use a relatively stress free day.

    Love and prayers


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    I can totally relate. Everything is DIFFERENT. I'm scared, too. I'm sad and I grieve for those whose loved ones were killed. My heart weeps for them. But I'm mad as hell. God don't like ugly. These people will pay dearly.

    I pray that all will be okay for you. I know that the airlines and related industries are particularly hard-hit.

    God Bless You


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    Yes indeed, this is a VERY different week! We are all lost, feeling helpless, and fearing what may come next. All each of us can do is take care of ourselves and our families the best way we know how, and PRAY of course.

    God Bless,

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