What we did to help
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    Yesterday, my husband & 2 sons drove down to the town hall where the Red Cross had an outpost to see what supplies were needed. The hall was overflowing with donations--water, socks, batteries--and more were coming every few minutes. My hubby & kids helped pile up trucks to go to a holding station as for now no more supplies are needed at the WTC disaster site. Soon there were no more trucks for the supplies.

    What to do next? The Red Cross Captain (he lost is best friend, who was at a breakfast meeting at the Windows on the World Restaurent, presumed dead) gave my kids a donations bottle & the kids & hubby walked over to the local supermarket & collected over $50 in 20 minutes time! My hubby said the boys were so sweet & earnest that even hardened people smiled.

    Oh, the mail came & it contained a letter of thanks from a lady that my husband had driven home that Tuesday. My husband had driven into work that day. He was safe, but the whole city was "locked-down"--no one in, no one out. When they finally eased up & opened the George Washington Bridge, my husband decided to try & drive home. As he made his way uptown, he felt guilty as he saw so many people stranded on the streets with no way home.

    So, he rolled down his window & called out to a group of women, "Anyone need a ride? I'm going uptown." 4 women got in. He told them he was going to NJ, if anyone lived there he'd be glad to take them home.

    Ready? One of the women lives in our town! What are the chances? They didn't know each other as she had kids in the other elementary school. She got a ride all the way to her house, courtesy of one guilty guy. Days later, she wrote him a letter of thanks, saying that she had seen the worst of humanity & the best of humanity.

    Tomorrow I am going back to work. I've been out with an injury, so I was home on that fateful day, which also ironically was my 39th birthday. I will get on a bus that will take me to my job as an RN in The Big Hospital in NYC that victims were sent to--where families have posted fliers fo loved ones. I am petrified at what I will find. My kids don't want their parents to go into the city tomorrow. My husband says that we can choose to live in fear or to live.

    I am thankful that we are alive & can make that choice. Fid

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    You and your family are examples of what America is most proud of! I will pray for all of you, and ask God to give you strength and most of all peace.

    My flag is flying in front of my house for you and the rest of my wonderful country. I feel so blessed.


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