My insurance carrier (thru my company) sent us all a copy of this today. thought I would share:

After a Disaster Self Care Strategies:

Stay away from mood altering substances
Get plenty of rest
EAt well balanced meals
Practice stress reduction techniques such as deep breathing - meditation and progressive relaxations.
Be aware of "survivor guilt"
Give yourself permission to feel bad.Schedule it in your day.
Let yourself Cry
Give yourself permission to feel good.
Make small decisions daily to get control of your life back.
Put off major life decesions, if possible.
Give yourself permission to focus on someone outside of yourself.
Structure your time and develop a routine.
Lower expectations of what you "should be doing"
Have breaks from periods of isolation.
Talk it out - even with a professional.
Give yourself permission to do something that could feel good to you.
Give and get physical touch.
Exercise - even a little bit- is beneficial.
Remind yourself that your reactions are normal.
Engage in practices that are meaningful to you, such as, prayer, services, walk in woods, sitting quietly, reading inspriationsl material or writing in a journal.

Human beings can have reactions to any demanding stressful event - it is difficult to take care of yourself in the middle of a crisis especially if your attention is focused on the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Self-care can enhance your emotional stamina and help you begin to return your life to some semblance of normalcy.