constantly moving jaw and tongue
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    Question constantly moving jaw and tongue

    Hey everyone! I have been here before... I started Phentermine 37.5 mg 1/27/07 at 174 lbs with a goal weight of 135 by 3/23/07 (my 31st b-day) I made that goal and continued to lose weight even after I stopped taking the pills. I took myself off slowly. I would take one pill every other day for 2 weeks, then an 1/2 a pill every other day. For another 2 weeks. This went on for the whole month of April I kept a few "just in case" lol. By August 2007 I was at 127 exercising and eating right helped. September found out I was pregnant!! with our 3rd. I was sure going to miss those size 4's LOL but so worth it!

    Now I'm back for round two! I am currently 160 and would like to be down to 130 with no date set in mind just going with the flow. I started today with symptoms right away. Cleaning like crazy while sweating heavily!!! Talking very fast, not hungry, and the worst one that I hated the first time around too - licking the inside of my mouth, constantly moving my jaw, wiggling my tongue, feeling my teeth with my tongue, and licking my lips. So badly that a 11 year old boy at the farmers market pointed it out to me!!!

    Does anyone have similar side effects and how long (if gone) did they last while on phentermine?

    I look forward to helping each other through this and then some!

    I have tried... brushing more often, scraping tongue, gum, candy, drinking more fluids. Anyone have any any other suggestions? PLEASE!!!!
    Trying Hard!

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    Hi. I have the talking fast symptom, cleaning and sweating like crazy symptom, and and dry mouth symptom that nothing seems to help. I brush and drink water often but it really doesn't help. it starts to go awy as the day goes on. Not to mention lack of sleep (lol). I have to make myself go to sleep. A lot of the time it"s very hard. I just tell myself that it will pay off in the end. Good luck with your weight loss and I hope to hear from you soon.

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    where did you buy your phentermine? i ordered mine online and it seems as though they are sugar pills. i have been on these many years ago and they worked great. now they don't seem to phase me.
    thank you

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    I too have had the clenched jaw, chewing on the sides of my mouth and tongue. I had something similar the first time I was on the pills (last year) and now I've started them again to get going again. But a week back into it, my jaws are killing me. I'm afraid I'm going to bust my teeth! Any suggestions??

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