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    can some one tell me the right way to eat on the pill phentermine i have no idea iam really need of some help so can somebody please get back with we. [LIST]

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    Hi Johneice and welcome to the forum!!!!
    I will try to give u some good advice and what i do and have heard alot on here....First of all u need to drink LOTs OF WATER!!! lIKE u need to drink half of ur body weight but in ounces!!!! It is vry important to drink water on phen and will help u with the weight loss......Another thing u need to cut back on ur carbs and eat more protein and veggies....U can also have a protein shake for breakfast or another meal of ur choice,,,,the one that i am on is the EAS protein shake from wal mart....They are like
    4.97 for a 4 pk...And they will keep u full for up to 4-5 hours....they also have the protein bars that are very yum also....U should try to eat more salad and chicken and turkey/.....dont eat alot of breads and fats....and when u have salad get the lite salad dressings...u can also have boiled eggs, almonds unsalted, raisons, apples, yogurt, if u love ice cream get the weight watchers ice cream at wal mart its verygood....and they also make snack cakes also...and if u have bread get the wjeat bread....try to stay away from all the whited....like flour, potaoes, pasta,.....u can have these things but limit them as there high in carbs and bad for u...stay away from soda as it will sure put on the pounds on u....try to drink tons of water and crystal lite....i never drink soda anymore.......also try to get in some exercise when u can like walkin or weight lifting....anything to get ur heart rate up and help u burn some calories.....I hope this helps u some......If u have any other questions feel free to pm me or message me on here.....Just hang in there and u will be amazed with how much weight u will lose.....Always take ur phen like 30 min to an hour before u have breakfast...and dont take it after noon cause u wont get much sleep!!! also try to eat some fiber dailey or u will have trouble goin to the bathroom.....i have some prunes or prune juice dailey and also have some bran flakes if needed...they work well....But anyways let me no how u do and i will be wishin u lots of luck!!!!!!!!!!!! have a good night and never give up!!!!! you can DO THIS!!!!!!

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    good luck to you!! this site is awesome! I bought some fiber One bars and they are yummo and very filling. Ive just started fo Im anxious and excited to see what or if I lose. TAZGIRL where you live in MO??

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