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    Default banana split for breakfast

    Wow!! I just had a banana split for breakfast. I got the recipie from the biggest loser family cookbook.

    1 1/2 tsp fat-free sugar-free hot fudge
    1 small (6") banana, peeled and halved lengthwise
    1/4 cup fat-free sugar -free vanilla yogurt
    1/3 cup chopped fresh strawberries
    1TBS grape-nuts cereal

    warm your hot fudge in microwave
    arrange your banana halves in a small dish. Put your yogurt in the middle. top with the strawberries and then cereal. Drizzle hot fudge over the top.

    195 Calories
    less than 1 g fat
    5 g fiber
    5 g protein
    46 g carb
    2mg cholesterol
    88mg sodium

    It was very very Good!!


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    sounds yummy

    may have to make that for a snack one day!

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