You guys are scaring me with all these tempting foods......
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    Here I am watching my fat intake and my carb intake now as well and I come here after a reccomendation tonight from Janet and I am shocked to see all these yummy desserts and higher fat foods. Now, given that I am new to this and know absolutely nothing about the Atkins Diet I'll let you guys laugh at me, hee hee. I've come to the conclusion though that I am addicted to carbs, every meal to me should ahve a matching carb to go with it. I'm trying to break myself of that habit and have done well the last couple days. Anyway, I don't expect you guys to go into the whole idea of the low carb plan but point me in the direction of a good website or something so I can see what I could be doing wrong.

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    Hiya Meshelle!!

    Cutting back on carbs is a great idea for most people.

    Try using an alternate for your sides. You like potatos? Try using cauliflowerd instead. You can make cauliflower (potato) salad, mashed cauliflower (whip with beater for smooth "potatos") spring and summer time are perfect times for cole slaw instead of potato salad.

    You can read up on Low Carb stuff

    or here
    There are tons of sites!! And you don;t have to start Atkins, you can just cut out some carbs and find great low carb alternatives!!
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