One month and NO MORE!!
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    Default One month and NO MORE!!

    Well I can honestly say that this drug does work! I lost 21 pounds in one month. I just got mu perscription refilled BUT I think I am done for now. In this one month I think I found my vice it was soda. I have cut that out of my diest completly and am on a low carb diet and am hitting the gym pretty hard. But I can not say that Phen is an easy drug to take and my left eye started to really hurt and I did not sleep nuch at all for the september. Also I lost all my energy to workout witch really bumbed me out. I don't think this drug is for everyone and if you are feeling side effects that are really hurting your body please stop taking the stuff. I can't imagine being on this drug for more than a few months as it just seems to really attck the centeral nrevous sytstem in a way that makes me feel like I am NOT being healthy to my body. I struggle with weight everyday of my life and I know that I will continue to do so. But I think I now am able to really loose the weight the right way. Because the bottom line is thier is no quick fix. My doctor said I would was pretty close to having my eye detach from the retna and my blood preasure was sky rocketted. So I am going to go ahead and tear up my refill and wish all of you the best of luck in your journey to weight loss

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    Congrats on your weight loss. Soda was my downfall too! Thankfully I've stopped drinking the stuff.

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