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    Hi, all I am new memeber! Im here hoping I can have a support group! As you all know it is much needed when you are trying to lose weight! So, I hope that I'm in the right place.I just started Phen on 5/16/05 and it seems to have curved my appetite. I seem to be doing good so far. I have been walking everyday about 2 miles 5 days a week.I know that everyone is different, But what is the usual weight lose per week with excersise and eating less? I take my phen in the morning early and I eat something small about 1 hr later.what is better eating 3 meals or eating when you feel hungry? Looking for any good advice ?

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    Hi Jag

    You should post over at phentermine threads. If you click on the drop down menu, where you found the Recipe one, you'll see the first one as phentermine.

    As far as your ?'s:
    2-3 lbs per week I think is about average, though some lose more some lose less. You could not have a deficit one week and a double loss the next. Just really all depends.
    Your walking 2 miles per day for 5 days is awesome. You will definitely see results with the walking in as little as 8 weeks. What kind of pace are you walking at? That is important too.
    Are you drinking water? If so, how much daily?
    They say 5-6 small meals per day are better than 3. I eat pretty much only when Im hungry or know that its time to eat, as the phen can make you not hungry, but eating good things often is what keeps your metabolism from going into starvation mode which results in plateuaing, or not losing any weight.

    Also measure yourself, your breast, waist, hips, each thigh and each bicep, and measure again in one month, you'll be amazed in inches you can lose. Sometimes the lbs on the scale can be deceiving especially when you are gaining and using muscle when you are walking.

    There is also a challenge, in the challenge section that begins tomorrow, you should pop over and join it with us, it truly is a great means of motivation.
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