SURVEY~Looking for ready to eat suggestions also...Thanks!!!
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    Hello...I am new and just starting and I am living on this board....reading reading reading.... ( :

    I would love all your input on foods you like to eat that are not bad for trying to eat better...

    I used to know of an online website that had foods that had everything from Sow sodium, Low Carbs, Low Fat...etc....each thing had the label you could read...

    But the Great thing was customers would rate the taste etc....Because as you know alot of more healthy things for you are pricey and then who wants to spend money and it not taste good!!

    So I would love to get a list so i can have lots of stuff to choose from....

    I have found some great fish all ready to put in the oven from the Tom Thumb grocery store doesn't even taste fishy...they have Cod and Tilapia...but the Tilapia has more fat....

    So PLEASE list list list so i can stock my pantry!!!! THANKS ( :

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    are you Low carbing, Low fatting, or just watching your calories.

    I can help with low carbing

    Currently, June 1st

    thighs 21"
    calves 14"
    biceps 11.5"
    midriff (small of waist) 32.5"
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    hip 39.5"
    bust 39"

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