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Thread: Secret To Extremely Fast Weight Loss – Raw Diet

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    Default Secret To Extremely Fast Weight Loss – Raw Diet

    A raw food diet is a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Keep all the food you eat raw. When you eat foods in their natural state, you avoid a lot of excess fat, sodium, and oils. Eating a pure diet will restore you body ph or acidity level. An alkaline or basic ph is necessary for optimal body functions. When you change your diet to raw, your body will begin the detoxification process and your ph will go from acidic to basic.

    Changing your body ph will reduce your craving for “junk” food. As in my experience, I craved what I ate and lost all desire for what I avoided. Raw foods had increased in pleasure of taste while processed, or cooked foods were tasteless. I felt so much better eating healthy, as it restored my body to its maximal function. The former junk foods, cooked foods, and fatty foods, I previously ate no longer contributed to an acidic environment when I removed them from my system!

    In addition to a change in ph, and eating healthy, you will have the benefits of eating fewer calories and being able to burn fat more quickly. Eating raw will make you full faster, so you will also eat less. An increased in energy is also a benefit of eating raw.

    It will help you become more active, eat healthy and stay eating healthy; your body will function to its maximal potential, and your natural ph will be restored. Above all else, you will lose pounds and pounds of weight really fast!

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    Journey thank you for that information on the benefits of eating raw foods. I am also a raw food advocate. I feel full much faster when I use raw foods. I take cut up veggies to the movies so I won't be tempted by popcorn and snacks there. I eat raw veggies and nuts as snacks at home all the time. I round out my regular meals with raw foods. I am concerned that all of us want "extremely fast weight loss." How fast, is fast? I don't really know. Once we start our Phen journey, start drinking lots of water, exercise, and start making better food choices, many of us see fast weight loss in the first week or two. I believe that is largely water. A pound of fat contains 3500 calories. To lose one pound, if we increase our activity level, and reduce our caloric intake, we will incur a daily debit. That debit over time results in pounds lost. Many people who lose weight extremely fast tend to gain back that weight after they go off their programs, because they have been eating so few calories that they feel deprived. In order to lose weight and keep it off permanently we must make lifestyle changes that are sustainable for the rest of our lives. After we reach our goal weights, if we slowly increase our caloric intake in order to find how much we can then consume and remain at goal, that should work. I would love to lose weight extremely fast. I want to be at goal weight NOW. However, I know that unless I learn how to properly eat and exercise, I won't be able to sustain that loss. I agree that raw foods are an excellent way to help us on our journey. I know personally, I need to focus more on my lifestyle and not so much on how fast I can get there. ~Val

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