Mood changes with Phen?
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    Default Mood changes with Phen?

    Hi everyone!

    Has anyone experience any types of mood changes with being on Phen? I personally think that I may have been taking Phen way too long. I have been on and off since January 2009. But have starting taking phen again religiously since January 2010 to present non-stop. Does anyone know exactly "how long is too long" and the side effects from over doing the phen's?

    My doctor is out of town for 3 weeks (death in family)- so any good help would be great!

    Thanks everyone!!!


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    As far as mood changes that is a side effect of phen ... But you being so close to your goal you have to aask yourself do you really need phen .. Phen is not good when use long term .. If you were me i wouldnt take phen if i was 127 only because the pill is only for people that have BMI of 30 or higher Im not saying this to be mean just think you should try it on your own ..i have only been on phen since 3-4-10 and my dr already has me on a break for a mo and im not even close to my goal so im wondering why the dr you have is freely perscribing to someone of normal weight ?? and i had read a couple of your post from before and noticed that you said he had a death in the family in that one too little odd i must say ..Please dont take wrong way just concerned ! hope all works out!
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