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    Unhappy Clinics In Houston, TX

    I was wondering if any one knows of a good weight loss clinic to go to in Houston. I been to 2. One early of last year and another one like a week ago. Both are no good. Or at least their pills and return or exchange policy is not good. I really don't know what to do at this point. I have spent $150 on some 37.5 mg pills that does nothing for me and I hate to contunue to take pills that are not doing a thing for me. I am not a pill popper so I don't like to take pills just to be taking them because I spent money on it. The pills will only be taken if it's helping me and it's not.

    I was told by a friend who happen to work for a pharmacy to try Bontril. Has any one heard of these or have taken these and did the pills work better than the phentermine 30mg and 37.5 mg?

    Well if any one has any info...please respond or send a private message. Thanks!
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    I am in Houston and I go to the ladies at the clinic on Jones are really nice and helpful. The visit is $80 (Mon, Tues and Wed) or $90 (Thurs-Sat). That includes blood work, scrip(30day supply) and 2 shots on the 1st visit. The follow up is the same price but no blood work, 2 shots, a quick chat with the doc and a refill on the meds. I fill my phen @ walgreens for a little over$30 and the water pills are covered by my insurance so I dont know the cost of those.

    How long did you take the other meds for?? and Did you change you eating habits any?
    Started 2/25 @ 185.6
    4/04/09 - 176.2 (-9.4) (Checkup + 2 shots)
    4/08/09 - 173.0 (-3.2)
    4/13/09 - 171.0 (-2.0)
    4/19/09 - TOM
    4/27/09 - 168.0 (-3.0)
    5/02/09 - 168.0 (0.0) 2 shots
    5/08/09 - 164.0 (-4.0)
    5/18/09 - TOM *YUCK!
    5/29/09 - 160.0 (-4.0)
    6/06/09 - 158.0 (-2.0)
    6/16/09 - TOM still stuck @ 158!
    7/09/09 - 154!
    10/30/09 - 145 and happy!
    Total: -40.6 LBS!

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    Yeah I changed my eating habits ALOT! And it was some thing I was not use to but I stuck with it. Even when the pills I had didn't work for me I still try to stick with the diet plan. I went back to the same doctor today and he gave me some other pills that he claim that might work for me. These are capsules 30mg it has the K28 imprint on the pills and they are blue on one side and clear on the other with light blue and white little beads inside. Have you seen those around? I just got them today but I haven't taken them yet. Was gonna wait til tomorrow morning.

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