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    Hi Allie!!
    Have you visited any weight loss clinics in your area?

    Beware of online sites that claim to sell real phentermine; chances are they are scams.

    Have a great one, and good luck!

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    Default New member!!

    Hello everyone my name is Allie!!

    I am new to this group but not new to phentermine. In this past year I have lost about 55 pounds going from 250 to 195. During this time I was on phentermine for one month, I absolutely loved it, and for the first time in my life I felt like food was not at the forefront of all my thoughts at all times, and I finally felt full, which was so refreshing!! The only reason I did not continue for the next two months was because I was under the impression my insurance would cover my weight loss consultation with my general practitioner but unfortunately that was not the case and I was surprised with a close to 400 dollar bill after being prescribed so I knew I could not afford to get my presciption refilled. So now I am coming to you all desperate with a way to find a prescription!! I live in Kansas City Missouri and I have not been able to find an affordable way to obtain this medicine. I would love to hear any suggestions!!

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