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    Hi, Im from Minnesota and started Adipex last Wednesday, tomorrow will be one week. I have been on a half of a pill. Im 53, 5'3" and started at 201.5 pounds. Ive lost 7 lbs in the first week. I have had a few bouts of dry mouth, but nothing bad and that a glass of water doesnt fix. I also had one episode of moodiness (when a store manager at Walmart pissed me off lol) and got myself worked up enough for my heart to pound harder than usual ,for a few seconds. Have had No headaches, extended racing heartbeat, or anything else. No trouble at all sleeping. Ive been taking my 1/2 pill between 6-8am. I find it works pretty well about every other day and that it wears off by 4pm, which is bad because my "pac-maning" usually starts around 2 and goes on for the evening. So, unfortunately, Im eating more than I should because Im not getting any help from the pills after 4pm. Mornings have never been a problem for me eating wise. Im supposed to start a full pill per day tomorrow. Im trying to decide if I should take a 1/2 a pill twice per day, (early morning and before lunch) to make it last later in the day - or if I should take the whole pill in the morning. I also learned on the very first day of taking the 1/2 pill, that if you drink coffee within 30 minutes of taking the pill, the pill doesnt work as well and no where near as long. If I wait for at least 30 minutes or more before having a cup of coffee in the morning my pill works until about 4pm.

    My Doctor said she would keep giving me the meds until my BMI is within healthy limits. Im not happy with that because my healthy BMI is apparently 28 - 30 because I am over 50. That BMI puts me at 165 pounds, which is still 15 - 20 pounds over weight for me. Im worried because if she cuts me off when Im at 175 (10 pounds more than my healthy BMI - which most want you to lose the last 10 by yourself) its going to be just more of the same past.....lose weight, dont hit my goal, get discouraged, gain back weight. Rinse, repeat. I've never made it to my goal weight, so that I could learn to maintain.

    But for now I will just think about this up coming week. Im concentrating on portions and balanced eating, per the dietician, because I dont want to diet anymore. Im tired of it. I have yoyo dieted for my entire life. I am either on a diet or gaining, nothing in between. I want to eat normal food, normal portions, and do a normal amount of exercise. I have started moving more than what I usually do.....which is nothing. Ive been taking the stairs up and down three flights, at least 3 times per day - in my condo building- instead of taking the elevator. Its winter in Minnesota and I hate the cold. But I will try to add another rep on the stairs this coming week - to 4 per day.

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    Hey MNSue!
    From what you say it sounds like you could do with the other half to keep your appetite under control for the rest of the day. But I assume that your doctor has prescribed just a half for now? I'd talk to your doctor and say that the half isn't enough for you.

    I hate the cold too, for exercise I do weights at the gym and then swimming, and the weights make me so hot getting in the tepid pool is lovely and relaxing. I know what you mean about dieting too, I honestly think I have been on a diet since I was about 15 basically. I want off!

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