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Thread: New and struggling!

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    Wink New and struggling!

    Hi all happy to finally be able to use the forums I have had a hard time using all good now though! I am a mom of three I have a 8mo a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 yr lets just say my life is a bit busy, I am very overweight and starting to feel the affects it's very exhausting and I am hoping phentermine will help. I have stopped breastfeeding to take this med and I hope it's worth it. Because I strongly believe in breastfeeding.

    I was wondering if the weight comes off slower if you have recently had a child and breastfed? I feel like I hardly eat and nothing happens, I also have had a hard time sleeping and I am sure that does not help, do others eat on phentermine even if they are not hungry? My doc said no but then I feel like I am starving around 200! I don't want to starve myself and then have all of the weight come flying back on!!!

    Any advice and and tips would be really appreciated!

    One other thing how much water should I drink I love water but I do not hunk I am drinking enough!
    Thanks so much to everyone listening to my rant!
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    Hey Pariseau!

    I can't help with the questions about breastfeeding and children as I don't have any children but I have a lot of experience taking phentermine so hopefully I can offer some tips Water is so so important, it helps with the dry mouth but also insomnia, headaches, dizziness and general weird feelings that people report with phentermine - about 2 liters a day is a good amount, I have a 500ml bottle in my bag all the time and fill it up at work, so I know if I drink four of those then I've hit my limit. I probably drink more than that if I exercise though. I find that eating about five times a day is the best way for me, so I have breakfast about 30 mins to an hour after taking phentermine and then eat around every 3 or 4 hours. I'm not really really hungry whenever I eat because I eat before I can get too hungry. I used to be someone who would go from lunchtime to maybe 7 or 8pm with nothing and I'd get home and just eat cookies because I was too hungry to wait for a cooked dinner, so I know that getting over hungry is my downfall. Phentermine can be too strong for some people and I would say that eating when you're not hungry is probably something that people have to do at the start. It's because your brain says you're not hungry but your body needs food still, so my advice would be to eat healthy food like fruit, nuts etc to get nutrients and vitamins.
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