eating and phentermine
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    Default eating and phentermine

    I am new to phentermine and have a history of not wanting to eat, something people don't assume when they look at me. In general my diet is fairly decent I prefer to eat raw veggies and fruits and have one cooked meal for dinner. I have noticed with taking the phentermine that I have NO desire to eat and have a hard time making myself do it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    You could try drinking your calories until you can get to a point where you can eat them. I still have to make myself eat but I got some soy protein powder I use for after my workouts and that helps take some of the stress of needing to eat off of me.
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    I have been concerned with whether I am eating enough as well, so I went and bought a protein shake. Two shakes are a whole days worth of protein so I take two through out the day. I also take a women's daily vitamin and eat one solid meal, which is usually a salad with grilled chicken strips and veggies and ranch dressing. I try to have a greek yogurt and some fruit between breakfast and lunch (which are my shakes) if I think to. Sometimes I just forget to eat altogether so it's important to schedule your meals. Make time to eat!
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