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    Default Suprenza Works!

    I've been on a Suprenza + Daily Yoga + Low caloric diet for about 10 weeks .... and I love it! I had a BMI of 29 with a history of heart disease so at 44, it was time that I reduced my risk factors. I'm now 10 weeks in and I weigh between 195 and 198. I hope to be between 190 and 195 at the end of my 12 week regimen.

    I had palpitations with my first dose so I split the 15mg and took half in the morning and another half in the early afternoon. I've restricted my daily intake to a piece of fruit and a small sandwich. I practice hot yoga 1x to 2x per day and I have a regular full dinner with dessert. The results have been amazing.

    I have never tried the generic but I like the taste of the tablets and the taste is like another reminder that hey ... I'm on a diet so it's helped me to adhere to my diet. I am certain that Suprenza has increased my metabolism and with the bid regimen, I do not have palpitations and I do not suffer from mid-afternoon tiredness.

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    Default seeking suprenza advice!

    Hi George,

    Great post. This is my 3rd day on suprenza and I was looking for some advice and help. So far I've experieneced restlessness, trouble sleeping, and a tightness/tingle in the back of my knees. I was wondering id you experienced the same or was this just my body adjusting to the medication. I'm a little nervous so any and all help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Also on average how much a week would you say you've lost on suprenza? Thanks!!

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