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    Why does phentermine make you so moody and edgy what causes it? does it go away?

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    For me, phen enhances my moods....all of them. So when I'm happy...I'm annoyingly happy...and when I'm grumpy....well...yeah....I'm in this just over 3mo and so far no sign of it going away. Fortunately, I'm typically a very happy upbeat person...which means I'm probably annoying now. LOL But I do have my moments of being moody...when it gets bad...I exercise. It helps me to blow off steam. I actually walked 4.5mi one night when I was frustrated. Take the negative energy and try to turn it into something productive. I also clean when I'm upset...apparently I've been in a pretty good house needs cleaning! LOL
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    Well I agree that it enhances whatever mood you may be having. But I suppose it affects everyone differently. I personally love how it makes me feel. Try to stay busier. I am not sure what your life is like, but I know as long as I stay occupied I feel great. When I don't have anything to do it can tend to make me more moody & also I want to take a nap, lol.
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    My doctor says some of it has to do with the fact that we restrict foods like chocolate that increase seratonin, so we become moody.
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