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    Hey, that's a great affirmation. YOu will never in your life be bigger than you are today. Keep that mantra in your head, exercie and eat the small meals, that will be true. Good luck to you. You can and will do it.


    Hard work has made it easy. That is my secret. That is why I win.

    -Nadia Comaneci

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    I have taken Phen several times but... I never stay on it! My Best friend lost 85 lbs and hubby lost 32! I go on for like 2 days and then off. Ive tried all strenths all kinds. I feel like a complete B***h on them. I cant sleep a wink even if I take it at 6:00am. I dont want to eat at all during the day and then my sugar drops and I have a killer headache on top of the comedown headache Im getting anyway! I need it to lose cause Im addicted to food....Im on my second day of Phend 105xr. I exercised yesterday!!! I ate small meals through out the day. Went to bed at 12 got up at 6:30! I guess thats ok. I usually would be up on the pc about 3am. Do you think I will see a difference in the problems Im haveing taking the Phend. O I lost 2 pounds yesterday! Im sick of being fat!!!

    I know all of you know how I feel thats why I have come here for your help.
    I sick of being the pretty "face" girl! Please someone help me out! This is about the 100 diet Ive been on and have met a ton of friends on boards! Im addicted to food and I have to see the light somewhere!

    I will never in my life be bigger that I am TODAY!!!

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