Diet Advice? What worked for you?
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    kiki your so pretty. i need to post my pics, but i forgot how to.

    the thing that works for me is little to no carbs. i lose weight like there is no 2morrow. im gonna start that on monday. i dont eat alot of carbs now, but i know that sometimes i will have some rice or a little pasta. now i need to get back on the ball. they sale the low carb lean cuisines. thats what works for me.


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    What has worked for me in the past (and I'm starting to do it again) is work out 6 days a week, at least 30 mins a day. For breakfast, I have a Light & Fit Yogart smoothie with a banana. For Lunch I have a Lean Cuisine dinner w/a piece of fruit and for dinner I eat bake fish or chicken and a ton of veggies.

    I drink nothing but water. No diet pop or Juice. I want something sweeter than water I drink flavored water.

    Good Luck

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    I started Phen in June of 2005. I weighed in at about 245. Today I am at 195. Over the summer I used to walk a tremendous amount. Now, since it gets dark earlier and it's colder, I don't go walking; mostly because of safety concerns. I'd love to have a treadmill in my house! When I was walking, I was racking in about 20-25 miles a week.
    My calorie intake?! God, I'm the wrong one to ask because I don't eat that much during the day. Today I wasn't hungry all day but for dinner I had pasta. I've been snacking on a couple of SMARTIES candy within the past few hours. But other than than, I'm more thirsty than anything. On average, I think I consume about 500 calories on a good day and about 1200 on a bad day.
    Keep one thing in mind... you didn't put on the weight overnight, so you're not going to take it off or put it back on overnight. It's ok to reward yourself for a good week, but don't pig out lol

    Good luck I"m sure you're doing great!

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    Currently, I'm doing the Reverse diet(dinner for breakfast, breakfast for dinner)I've lost 15 lbs since Nov 21. The idea is to eat a BIG breakfast (600 calor.), medium lunch(400 calor.) and small dinner (200 calor) Including two, 200 calorie snacks(one to be eaten before 3p.m.)So far it's been working for me!
    This is a pic from 3/17, it's tiny, but as soon as I figure this thing out I'll post some more!!

    Me and my Chloe


    SW -11/23/05- 227
    2/01/06- 197 30lbs bye!
    2/05/06- 194
    2/11/06- 193
    2/16/06- 192
    2/25/06- 189-goodbye 190's!
    3/11/06- 184
    3/16/06- 181
    3/25/06- 179-BYE 180's!!!
    3/30/06- 177 50 lbs GONE
    4/08/06- 173
    7/21/06- 153 74lbs gone in 8 mos!
    8/18/06- 149 YAY!!
    8/26/06- 147 80 lbs gone since11/05

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    I have been on phen for 5 months off and on. Yesterday I went to the dr and he said I have not lost any weight since June. I was suprised he refilled it.

    I noticed I go up and down, with 10 pds. When I take a break from Phen, I get an amazing hunger and eat everything in sight and I end up gaining any weight I lost. How many calories do you eat? What do you eat? I work out, 35-60 min., 6 days a week so I know my diet is my problem. What is the 1 thing that has worked for you? I'd love to hear your ideas to get me motivated.

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