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Thread: Free days???

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    Yep, I give myself a 'free day' or 2 here and
    there. I find it actually helps me lose weight
    and jumps starts a plateau or stall. Now you
    can't do it too often.

    Plus I have a lot of constipation issues. The free day gives my system the boost it needs to move things right on out!

    Another thing I do, I don't deny myself food
    that I want. It just eat a bite or two, not the whole thing. I take doggy bags home, too. Split the 1 meal and make it 2.

    Birthgrl is right, initially you really won't be hungry, maybe even nauseous.Over time however, the phen will start to wear off.

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    Honestly honey, If you are going to be taking Phen, You will not be hungry...You won't want the "free day"..If there is something you want, have it, but have a smaller portion.
    You don't have to deprive yourself.
    But in order to make a change, you have to change.
    You can not continue to eat the same way. You have really got to get "Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired", before you will get serious about it.
    Phen is not a solution, it is merely a tool, that makes it easier for you to make better food choices. Its not something that you will use forever.
    Your success can depend on how serious you are.
    Sure we may lose weight with Phen, but if we don't make healthy choices, we will find ourselves where we were, when we began this journey.
    Be true to yourself. Get focused, and Encouraged.
    And like you said before, if one day you fall off, tomorrow is a new day. Get back on the wagon...You will do just fine.
    Come to the Boards and everyone here will try to be as supportive as they can be to you.
    Glad your here!!!
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    Don't grow weary in well doing....

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    Hey everybody. Like alot of people, I'm getting ready to start my weight loss journey tomorrow. I have a had a couple of false starts the last couple of weeks...but I'm tired of making excuses!!

    I was wondering if any of you give yourself a "free" day where you don't worry about eating off your plan. I think this will help me because I'm one of those people who if I mess up during the day, then I will say I'll start again tomorrow. But I think if I can put off the temptation to have on my free day, then I may be more successful.

    I'm using Phen and will be using a meal replacement program similar to Medifast. The plan does not advocate free days, but I feel that it will make me more successful. I may not lose as fast, but as long as I lose, I will be happy.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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