To ALL the MIA's Pixie ,Chasity, NIkki etc.....
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    First Goal

    Overall Goal

    Height: 5' 10"
    High Weight: 282
    Start Weight: 267 (7/02/2005)
    9/29/2005 247
    1/17/2006 244
    3/3/2006 238
    Current: 236
    1st Goal: 230
    2nd Goal: 210
    Final Goal: 190

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    I wanted to send a shout out to all you ladies who if you can believe it all gave me some sort of motivation and courage and support in the past year. Each of you might of said or gestured something to me that kept me motivated and when I quit you gave me a extra push to keep going. And for that I would like to extend my hand to you all and thank you for giving me the support I needed to keep going. I wish that you all would come back and lets start a new year on a fresh start you all are very much missed But if not I wish you all ladies a fantastic 2006. You all are very special to me more then I can express in words and Thank you for sharing a bit of your lives to me.


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