How long does phentermine last?
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    Default How long does phentermine last?

    I just started back today. I took it at 6:30 this morning and so far it sure is working. I am just wondering how long it lasts during a day's time ie 8 hours, 10 hours etc. I had to make myself eat lunch. Last time I took it dont remeber such a strong appetite surpressant effect.
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    I think you just have to kinda play around with what time you take it. It may last differently for different people. My problem is late-night eating, so I don't take mine unitl around 11am or so. It lasts until I go to bed around 11pm.
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    I take mine around 9 or 10 AM - seems to last all day... If I find myself getting really hungry though I drink a protein shake, and then my hunger will go away. The phen works but it seems I get to a point during the afternoon that my hunger really decides to test my patience.

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    I take mine whenever I wake and so far it gives me at least 12 hours or more. Now by morning my stomach is growling. I make myself stay in bed until it passes so I don't get up and eat like a madwoman. I have also had a glass of gatorade and it helps me first thing in the morning. I take my Synthroid and about 30 minutes later my Phen.

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