taking 37.5 mg and still hungry HELP!
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    Default taking 37.5 mg and still hungry HELP!

    Hello, I 'm on day 9 of taking phen, and I take it around 7:30 every morning, and by lunch time I can tell I'm already hungry. When reading other people's forums a lot of you claim that you had no appeitie, so I 'm wondering if maybe this pill is not working for me? I try to aid it myself to not eat too much, and eat healthy, and I'm drinking plenty of water. It seems like a lot of peoples weight loss success has been because of the fact that they did not have an appeitie. I'm wondering if I should try a differnent drug?? any one ever tried Tenuate? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Maybe you should change your routine, two diff ways to take it. first you can take it this way: Eat breakfast then wait and take your pill around 10 or 11 then dont eat for at least an hour. this way always seemed to work best for me because then I am not hungry all day and through out the night. Second way is split pill in half and take half in am and half in after noon. Also if you think its not working drink a huge glass of water. it seems to jump start it. hope this helps.
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