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    Happy New Year Teens and breathless. Lil late, but from the heart.

    A tradition for most african americans is black eye peas. so I had the smoked turkey and black eye peas with other stuff. Rice, greans, sweet potatoes, etc.

    Have a good one ladies.


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    We did nothing and did nothing again!! My husband is over a big shutdown at work this week and is working. I get up at 4:00am every morning to get him off to work. And the bad part is I fixed Chicken-n-dumplins last night for supper using low carb wraps. It was terrible!!! I usually fix him a plate of left overs from the night before to take for lunch the next day. Today, I packed 2 ham sandwiches He will get home around 7 or 7:30 tonight. I will have to fix something good for him tonight! I tried to wake him during the night But that was like waking the dead. He is so tired! But I bet we will still have a great 2006 anyway.

    Her is a wish for you. At the end, move around the hand holding the firecracker and click your mouse for some extra "explosions." Enjoy and a very Happy New Year!


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    Its 2006 and I feel its gonna be a good year. Last night we didn't do anything spectacular but go to my father in laws house next door. They were watching football in the one room and I with my daughters in another room watching movies. We snacked and I drank my mixed drinks, then when around 11:00, we gathered in the one room and watched **** Clark. We watched the ball drop and it was kinda sad another year went by but very hopeful for the new year. I then came home and put my pork in the crockpot with sauerkraut, then an hour and half before we eat I make homemade mashed potatoes and rolls. I will add my kunzler hot dogs in with the pork and kraut also. This is our traditional New Years day dinner.

    So how was your New Years Eve? Curious what do you eat New Years Day. To us eating pork and sauerkraut will bring good luck for the new year.

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