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    my gyn/ob I asked if would prescribe me something to help lose the baby fat. Are you nursing? I had to wean my baby first. You dont want to raise a little Phen head!lol Just kiddin, but it will go through your milk.

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    Hey Shawns mom, you might want to start here...
    there's some info on how to find a doc under the phentermine questions.
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    I go to a weight loss clinic as well. U said ur friend gave u some c if where hers came from. If its a doc maybe u can go see him?

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    I get mine from my weight loss clinic. Find a doctor in your area that prescribes them, or a weight loss clinic. There is a section on this board dedicated to finding docs in different areas of the country. Good luck!!!!
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    Question Questions

    i just had my first child Shawn in june. at first my appetite was back to what it was before i got pregnant. then things spun out of control. now my best friend alexis gave me 5 phentermine 37.5. i tried them and wow do they work. i felt in control. i want to lose weight for my son and for myself. i don't want to be rolling around on the floor with him and outta breath in two minutes. i want to be proud when i go out. i want to feel healthy. now my question is where is everyone buying these pills from. i don't want to spend money and get screwed because i was so excited i bought from a fake site. plus i'm not working so we are living on my husbands paychecks and everything is fine but i'd be very upset if i wasted money. can anyone help me out? also if anyone is looking for a buddy i'm 22/f from IL. i love talking to new people and trading tips. i can be a great support!

    P.S. i must say EVERYONE must give credit to moms. this job is not easy. i wouldn't trade it for the world but moms are WAY under appreicated! (give a mom that you know a hug today!!) thank you!!!
    "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

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