Seeing and Feeling Different, Weight Update..
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    Way to go! Aren't you proud of yourself?
    Weight before Phen 175
    SW - 170 (started Phen 4/15/08)
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    CW - 152 (5-22-08)
    CW - 147 (6-9-08)
    cw- 133 (9-28-08)
    CW- 125.5 (11-13-08)
    CW - 123 (12-20-08)
    GW - 120

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    Congrats.. way to go! Must be a great feeling..

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    Default Seeing and Feeling Different, Weight Update..

    Good morning my dear phenfriends! I wanted to share something new with you guyz. I am seeing different and feeling different in my clothes that gets looses, in the shower that gets bigger, so are my husband and my new 2006 dodge rams kept getting bigger and bigger. My arms is getting skinny. I feels I have shrunks! I weighted in this moring after two weeks no scale moved until now I dropped 3.5 lbs... ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME! I lost 32.5 in almost.....two months in 3 days! I start phen on June 2. I will see my doctor this Monday and I cant wait to show her the new ME. Phen friends, I thank you all for your suport and encouragements you shares it with me! I KNOW I wouldnt be able to do it on my own! My eyes is getting misty and is in my office, GOSH! BLINK BLINKING my eyes fast! I wouldnt want me get caught in this! lol Anyway now I weights 229.5. 220ish, whoo!! This was the last time I weighted 4 years ago!

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