hi i thought i had taken something ele so i went and hunted the old bottle. it was phentermine. my thing was i would take 1 at 6am it said 1 a day come 4pm i was starving to death. lost my insurance cant afford to see a dr out of pocket and pay for the med. do any of you take more than 1 a day? it made me not eat unless i atually thought about food i dont know if this stuff is for me. seems my appitite is bigger than my willpower or me or any pill. food is like crack to me. im not a big sweet eattwer but i like the fried greasy fat filled foods. do any of you think that a persons eatting habbit is developed when they are a child by the way their parents make them eat everything on their plate or spoil a child letting them have anything and everything any amount they want and as a child will eat all the junk/bad foods before they will eat veggies then by the time they are a adult their body and mind set are fully engaged? like being on crack all these years now i wanna stop?? is this making any sence?