HELP!!!! i've stopped taking the phen
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    You might want to try what I am on. I take Wellbutrin for my weight loss. I started this April 17, 2008 and have lost 38 pounds as of today. I'm also on the Phentermine, but it's not for my weight loss, but for my cholesterol. I started taking this in late May. Now my doctor wants to slowly take me off of it, which is fine by me. I know that Wellbutrin was originally used as an anti-depressant, but it has the same effect as the Phentermine, but without all the side effects. I take 30mg of Wellbutrin in the morning and every other day 30mg of Phentermine early in the afternoon. This month alone I have lost 10 pounds. You don't want to lose the weight too fast, the faster you lose it, the faster it comes back on. Lose it slowly and it will stay off longer.

    I hope this helps. Any other questions, feel free to ask. Good Luck.


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    jenstarns- Good Advice!!!

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    Okay this is the thing that scares so many of us that r taking Phen. My nurse at the weight loss clinic told me that I HAD to figure out why I was eating, if I knew the difference between being hungry and wanting to eat for other reasons. She said that more than anything that was the most important thing to learn then portion control and exercise. Also you have to learn the difference between eating until you are full and eating until you are satisfied.
    Weight watchers taught me these things even before I started Phen. Phen for me is a way to control my hunger. I was making the right choices. exercising etc but was just hungry all the time. My suggestion is keep a journal about what you eat, when you eat and why you are eating. I did this for a few weeks before I went to Dr for Phen
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    right now we ive in Louisiana we move alot with his work in construction


    i dont know maybe go to a diff dr and only tell them you want to start taking the phen to lose weight dont tell them you were already taking them?

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    Default HELP!!!! i've stopped taking the phen

    i have been off the phen for 3 weeks now after 3 months of being on them i have gain 5 pounds i'm far from my weight loss goal but my doctor won't let me get back on them what should i do i'm so scared of gaining all that weight back i lost 20 pounds in 3 months with exercise and eating right

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