Curves for Women
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    Hi whathappened,
    Please don't apologize for being wordy...I am so grateful that you took the time to share
    your knowledge and information with me...
    Thank you so much,

    My starting face! My new do, 6 months later!

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    Hi imabijou,

    Here is my personal thoughts based on my experience in trying curves with a friend. My friend was very large and very sedentary and she lost 20lbs in 4 weeks. That was it there was no more. She went for 5-6 months. I am not a small sized woman, but it did nothing for me. I do not want to discourage you from exercising or trying something different. But, I don't want you to feel like your efforts were in vain. Curves usually gives a free week deal try it. But until then here are my thoughts.

    1. Great for the sedentary, novice, or beginner. It seems to be a great quick /jump start for someone trying to get their feet wet.
    2. Friendly and accepting atmosphere.
    3. Cost is low to median. L if you just sign up and median if you want to by the bells and whistles (sneakers, tee shirts, vitamins, books)

    1. Frankly, cruisegirl put it well, everyone there was the same. When group is without diversity in weightloss and habits it is time to find a new group. There is no challenge and no one there to challenge you to be better. Most people have done the yo-yo and want instant gratification (myself included) but, dag it, give me a bone bigger than 10-15lbs loss over a stretch of 6-12 months (excluding weightloss or gain caused by medication or illness)
    2. The employees are usually not certified. I could not find a sole who had a background in sports medicine, physiology, or kinesiology. At Curves I attended the employees watched some type of training video. Kinda of reminded of my first job at the Gap. A bit scary. Even though the workout does not seem strenuous, there is always potential to get hurt as a result of improper form.
    3. Too much of a social scene. When the "lovely music" provided by Curves cuts off and the voice kicks on and says switch. That means stop the gab fest and move along. Nothing wrong with a little chat, but if you are really trying to workout you should not have that much oxygen at the ready, to talk for long periods of time.
    4. I do not feel the workout time is effective. We were not limited in how many times we could go around the circuit, but the math did not add up.
    A. If you complete the minimum 30 min. circuit. You do approx.15 min of cardio and 15 mins of resistance. Integrating cardio and resistance is great. But the time alloted and the level exertion is not optimal for weight loss results. 20 mins of good ol' cardio is great for the heart,lungs, liver, and joints. It helps burn of that primary layer of glucose and prevents it from turning into the excess which is glycogen and then fat. But we want the secondary and tertiary level, basically mother of all fat. Which in theory means 30 min and greater of cardio.
    B. The heart rate does not remain optimal or consistent for long enough. This may vary from person to person, but in the long run the time appears to be ineffective for weighloss as your endurance, stamina, and strength increase. Workouts such a HIIT or Hi Intensity Interval Training does allow to burn fat at optimal levels in shorter periods of times, but the Curves work out format does not incorporate that.
    C. Accountability and Growth: Its hard to measure when it's time to move on and step up from Curves. Most people figure it out when the scale doesn't budge, but for some its hard to grip. Especially, the novice or beginner. Because people feel like there are working out, but without guidance from the knowledgeable staff it's hard to know when and how to push yourself.

    All in all I say investigate all of your options YMCA, Lady of America, Gold's Gym, Planet Fitness, etc. If you are a loner, DVD's and on Demand are fab. But invest your precious time in something that you love or at least like and can commit to. Sorry if I was wordy. I am new here and I do not want to seem like I want to be a know it all. Before getting out of shape my passion was fitness, and even though I got heavy it remained my passion just a bit hidden.

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    Thanks for the response...I kinda figured it was that way...I was also told that the Curves here has nothing
    but older ladies like in their late 60's and older that go to it...So, I wondered if women that age go then it
    had to not be "hard" workouts..
    Oh well, looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and join the freakin've been doing Pilates and they
    are great but just not enough...I need my arms and other area's paid attention too that the Pilates are
    not helping...Our gym is not big like in larger cities but does have enough equipment that if you get there
    at certain times of the day you don't have a problem getting to utilize them...but it's so dang costly...$170 up front and then $45 a month for 3 months or $25 a month if you pay a year in advance..
    Thanks again for your reply

    My starting face! My new do, 6 months later!

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    I just posted about my experience today in the "myths about moderate exercise" thread. I was a member for a year. I noticed that everyone there was big... which was fine, but it never changed. There was never anyone there that looked like they were losing weight. I asked everyone I met how much weight they had lost in the year or more they had been there and it was never more than 5-10 lbs. It's not enough exercise to really get much benefit from... you need more. For what I paid (i think around $35/month), I could have spent that elsewhere, considering I have a real gym membership. I think the place fools women into thinking that is enough exercise to lose weight, and it's not. I never broke a sweat... I never felt like I was getting a good workout, I never had that nice "sore" feeling the day after a good workout. In MY opinion, it's not worth the money because you really still need so much more for it to work. The concept is nice, love womens only... but I swear I never saw anyone that really lost weight. I lost some, but I was going to the gym in the mornings and there at night and doing more circuits than necessary just to break a sweat. For me, it was a waste of time and money.
    ~2/13/08-7/24/08- Lost 17 lbs on my own
    ~7/25/08- Started Phen and lipo shots -196 lbs
    ~8/1/08- 189.1 lbs
    ~8/7/08- 187.5 lbs
    ~8/15/08- 184.5 lbs
    ~8/21/08- 179.3 lbs (16.7 first month)
    ~8/28/08- 176 lbs
    ~9/13/08- 173.2 lbs
    ~12/4/08- 173 lbs... doomed to always be 173

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    Question Curves for Women

    Has anyone or does anyone go to Curves for Women?
    How much does it cost?
    Does it work?
    Is it worth it?

    We just got one a couple of months back in my town and I've been
    to a Fitness Center/Gym here and whoowee it's expensive, so I
    was wondering if Curves was just as good and not as costly...
    Thanks in advance ya'll!

    My starting face! My new do, 6 months later!

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