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    DNFTT... that's all I'm saying... Libby... come on now! repeat after me DNFTT
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    goth you crack my *ss up!!! As for drinking my Doc said NOOOOOO while taking Phen but my sisters doc said nothing so I just don't drink cause my *ss needs to lose weight
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    That's all I'm saying.....

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    There are plenty of medicines out there that have no warning or label about drinking alcohol... plenty of people take daily medication for life and still drink. The statement that you shouldn't drink with ANY medication is simply not true. CERTAIN medications should not be taken with alcohol, those medications will include a warning label on the bottle and in the leaflet... which is required, it's also required that the pharmacy explain them to you if you don't understand that warnings. Medications can have their effects lessened or increased in many medications, so it's up to the patient to learn about them and ask questions. If one doesn't understand whether or not they can drink with that particular medication, one should talk to their doctor or pharmacist. As for alcohol and Phen, the warning label is to avoid alcohol because alcohol can increase the effects of Phen... I have never heard of anyone dying from having a few drinks while using Phen... not saying it hasn't happened, but if that was the case, it would be listed to NOT mix with alcohol because serious illness or death could occur (I have taken medications like this, and they make it very clear). My doctor has said it is fine in moderation... I would talk to a doctor or pharmacist if you have questions.

    The NIH states: Many medications can interact with alcohol, leading to increased risk of illness, injury, or death.

    They state many, not all.
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    & its any medince not just Phen

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    No your just not supposed to take your medince with Alcohol because its dangerous.
    I didnt Iread that article about that guy dieing from taking his medicince with Alcohol online.
    I read it in our newspaper that we get here.
    I dont know if its posted anywhere online.

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    so how true is this? if i looked it up online i would find a young man dieing from phen and alcohol?

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    Default Alcohol Fact

    Your not suppossed to take Phen or any other medince with alcohol

    This young guy died in my town because he took his medication with alcohol

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