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    Try looking in the thread Doctors/Nutritionists in Losing Weight W/ Phentermine - you may find someone who will prescribe it there.

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    Thanks for the info! I will start checking out weight loss clinics. I really appreciate the help!

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    This thread has some ideas:

    Try to find a weight loss clinic in your area, if your BMI is high enough, depending on the clinic they may do it. Good luck
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    Default Help finding a resource

    Hello all! I have used Phen before with great results. Went from 175 to 140 and with no side effects etc. I have recently had a baby and want to try it again to loose the baby weight but I know my dr will not prescribe. She is one that says you need to loose the old fashioned way with no help but with a newborn I don't have a ton of time to workout. I need ideas - please help!

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