What is your opinion of Normal?
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    I guess I was worried when I lost that "high" feeling that it was not working. So, it is nice to know that others dont feel anything as well. I guess I was expecting to feel different to know that it was working. I have not weighed myself yet, I will tomorrow..and I am scared to step on the scale to see if anything has come off! I am 251 now (well at my start last friday) and I want to get to 135-140 range. . . .
    It is great to read on here how much weight has been lost,,and the pictures are amazing!! Way To go you guys! I am going to post a pic of me soon (when i can find the time lol)

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    Hi, and welcome!

    That 'high' feeling should fade by the first month, usually before. Your body is being introduced to something it's not used to and it's going nuts. Once your body starts to acclimate itself to the phen, your systems will go back to normal! I hated it the way it felt in the beginning! I rarely have any problems anymore and I have been on since 11/28/07. The only thing that seems to be a major theme around here is that TOM remains screwy. Your cycle might not even itself out on phen. I know mine hasn't. Give yourself a few weeks. If you haven't gotten rid of that 'high' talk to your doctor, your dose might be too much. But wait it out for a bit so your body can get used to the phen.

    Good luck on your weight loss and keep us posted

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    I have never had that "high" feeling that everyone refers to. Then again, I have never actually been "high" on anything...LOL.. Seriously though I don't feel any different when I take phen. I was initially really concerned but I was told that not feeling different is actually a good thing. The purpose of phen is simply to suppress your appetite and if it is then don't worry about what may be "normal" to others. I know for me I kept expecting to feel something, ANYTHING! and when I didn't, I was disappointed and doubtful that it would work for me. So far, I have lost 50lbs and I am looking to lose 50 more.

    As for dosing, there are many different possibilities. I am currently takin 1/2 37.5 mg daily.

    Good luck to you.

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    Default What is your opinion of Normal?

    Hello All,

    Tomorrow will complete my first week taking Phen. I take 37.5mg a day and I take it in the mornings. For the first 2 days I felt "in a good mood" and had trouble sleeping, now I seem to have come down from the "high" of the mood and the sleeping is back to almost normal. My question is should I have this "high" feeling all the time while on Phen? Is it still working if I dont feel that "high", or does it level out? Also, what is the norm for the starting dose?

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