Gotta go to New Orleans...
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    OMG, I know that the two times I've been to New Orleans, I've pigged out because seafood is my favorite. That and their spicy bloody mary's....LOL. I know it will be tempting smelling that cajun food around every corner, but you can do it. Eat some shrimp cocktail, that's probably not too fattening. Have fun and watch the dang pickpockets on Bourbon Street.

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    seafood is actually a GREAT OPTION!!! eat alot of plain shrimp as you can. its hardly any calories! also crab is great too. i usually have shrimp in a salad a couple times a week. Try to work out as much as you can and swimming is such a good idea. HAVE FUN GIRL!!!

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    Your new avatar is great coutry, you look terrific. You can do this, you just need to know you have the willpower.
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    Have a wonderful time. Don't worry, we know you can do it. Look how far you have come.
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    You'll be fine. Walk, swim, hell go up and down the stairs at the hotel(if they have them). Have a great time too!

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    im on the outskirts of new orleans. Just do alot of walking and watch the daquris

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    Ouch! NOLA is a tough place to try and eat healthy for sure... beignets!! OH MY. BUT, you have come this far and you can do it!! I would definitely give myself a day off and enjoy the wonderful food there though!! And if you miss a workout, you miss a workout. Remember who you are doing this for But I agree, having him there will be motivation, so that will be good. But sneak off and get some gumbo, a 3fer and a beignet for me please!!! LOL! Have a great time!!
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    I agree with Roc!! And girl you've been doing great! You're kicking a s s and taking names compared to me..when dealing with exercise! I wish I had the dedication you do! If I did...I'd prolly be in a size 20 by and like 250 pounds....but alas.

    Definitely swim your heart out! I wish I had a pool to swim in that didn't involve going out in public, haha!

    If you could eat non battered, non sauced shrimp you should be fine. Shrimp isn't all that bad for you!

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    You'll be fine, I have the faith for you!

    Also - your hotel should have a pool, swim and swim and swim.
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    Default Gotta go to New Orleans...

    My job is sending me to New Orleans for 7 days starting this Sunday for training. It's cool and I'm excited about the mini-vaca... BUT I am going to need some serious help! First off, TOM should be here by then... great. Second, I'm going to be around a lot of good seafood and cajun food... yummmm. And third, one of my main incentives to go to the gym every morning is b'c my captain will be there. I told you guys he's like a work out/ exercise freak, has like 2% body fat, and is always complaining that he's fat. I'm actually afraid that if I don't show up he'll think "yeah, I knew that fat *ss would quit". I know that's sad, but whatever gets me there, right? I'm hoping that I will stay motivated and work out just as much as I would at home. Anyways, I just wanted you guys to know what I was going to be going through so when I'm begging for help and support next week, you guys already know what's up. I've been doing so good, I don't want to f*ck it all up in one week!! My real vaca is just around the corner and I'm not very close to my goal.

    Cross your fingers for me!!
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