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    Welcome Kim. I have gotten so much encouragement and inspiration from the ladies on this board, and I'm sure you will too. Good luck on your journey, and you are right; none of us are alone in this.

    Use myspace all day long lol. Add me if you would like to chat


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    I feel the same as u Kimk. This site really helps me on a daily basis. Yea there r those few dramatic moments but its comedy for me. Glad ur here!

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    Smile Just wanted to say

    Hi Everyone I just wanted to say something. Im VERY new to this site and very new to Phen. I dont post alot but I do come on here daily and read for motivation. I wanted to just thank all of you for always posting stuff that is SO helpful to me.

    It seems I started coming to the site after some crazy stuff with some guy and Ive been here since the Sweetgirl/Starynight stuff. I know someone posted they wanted the old board back. I wasent here to see how great it was but putting aside the crazy the site seems good, and very helpful to me. And I wanted to just thank all the folks that are posting good info and talking about progress it really helps me. I struggle everyday and I come here and see someone else struggle and it reminds me that Im not alone. Losing weight is the hardest thing I think I will ever do for myself.

    I agree that some things that I have read on here are kind of crazy but there is always got to be someone who stirs the pot, someone who needs more attention then others someone who likes to just be a nusance.

    But all that being said I just wanted to say you all look great and thanks for the support and I look forward to getting to know you all better
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