Proud of myself :D
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    Good for you!!! As for calories, I don't worry about counting exercise calories. If you are moving, breaking a sweat, increasing your heartrate, that is what matters. The calories will be burning. The key is doing what you like and can stick with. I don't think there is any way to truly know what you burn, so I don't bother. Just keep doing what you are doing!!!
    ~2/13/08-7/24/08- Lost 17 lbs on my own
    ~7/25/08- Started Phen and lipo shots -196 lbs
    ~8/1/08- 189.1 lbs
    ~8/7/08- 187.5 lbs
    ~8/15/08- 184.5 lbs
    ~8/21/08- 179.3 lbs (16.7 first month)
    ~8/28/08- 176 lbs
    ~9/13/08- 173.2 lbs
    ~12/4/08- 173 lbs... doomed to always be 173

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    I wonder bout the dancing and calories too. I dance to videos I pull up on youtube, and all I know is the sweat b flying!

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    Hey at least you worked out to balance out that small bag of chips, that didn't taste good
    and next time you want something bad that turns out to not taste so good afterall... just throw it away!! Imagine how good you'll feel once you do that!!!
    And good for you on finding your ab lounger under that mountain of clothes and USING it!!!
    And yes, I LOVE dancing!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!  0553

    That spare tire aka muffin top, has got to GO!!!

    Starting the Body For Life challenge at around 152, i'm sure... I haven't weighed tho... so we shall see!

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    Default Proud of myself :D

    I have been working 2nd shift ICK (330p-12a) and I HATE IT!! I love to get up early and walk and squeeze another in late in the evening. I cannot stand to walk when its 100 degrees outside! Anyways, I fell off the train the past few weeks but this week Im striving to do better. I walked yesterday early, and did good on the diet until 1030last night, I was starving! I eat a small bag of chips.. and they didn't even taste good! Why Im such a ******* I have no idea! But today I got up and I decided I would pull the clothes off the ab lounger (haha) and I used that ******! Then I did a little weight lifting and I danced in the living room for 1 whole hour without stopping!! I feel so good and IT felt so good! I havent been able to dance non-stop like that in a REAL long time. Do any of you know how many calories you can burn dancing??

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