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Thread: Mcdonalds

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    all this talk about fries, burgers and hardees food is making me hungry

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    I love McDonalds! Especially those fries! Shame on you Stary, for reminding me LOL!!!!

    But I have been there since being on phen and have enjoyed eating salads and the fruit and nuts!!!!!!!!!!
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    They do have great salads!
    url=] [/url]

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    Im a social worker and I drive alot. I sometimes go to McDonalds for lunch...I usually get a Hamburger or a Parfait. I dont do this daily but once a week. Its not a double cheeseburger...just a plain hamburger.

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    Mcdonalds does have healthy choices. Eating fries and biscuits, and burgers, etc ANYWHERE is fattening and not good for you. It's not just Mcdonalds. I really hope there isn't anyone on here that doesn't realize that But McDonalds does indeed have healthy choices, YOU just have to choose to order the healthy choices. If one is going to insist on eating fast food, you have to have the willpower to choose something healthy... but, McDonalds isn't the fattest fast food place out there... I'd say lately it would be Hardees (hello, a cheesesteak on top of a burger??) or Taco Bell (same concept, put a taco inside a chalupa inside a quesadilla, top it with cheese and fry it some more)
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    umm thanks for the info.... lol

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    Default Mcdonalds

    Mcdonalds has like the most fattening food ever.
    & It's like the fattest fast food place out there.

    How horrible

    Everyone make sure that when your done losing the weight that you want that you don't get food from Mcdonalds alot or you will see horrible results

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