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    Hi there!

    I've only been on Phen a few weeks. I am very happy with how it works. I think you will be too!
    Kim, Mother to 5 working on reclaiming her body

    SW 265 started WW, Flex Plan July 7th
    Started Phen July 15
    July total weight loss 10lbs
    August total weight loss 11lbs
    September weight loss 9lbs (while on vacation!)
    October weight loss 10lbs
    CW 223

    November Goal 12.5lbs

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    Welcome and GOOD LUCK!!!
    3/10/08 - 12/01/08 (-55 lbs)
    1/05/09 169

    4th and FINAL GOAL (160 by 3/2/09)

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    Welcome to the family. I hope you find encouragement here. Also just a warning: as with any family we have our "crazy uncle freds" here too, you just have to figure out which crazies suit you. Congrats on your weight loss.
    Weight before Phen 175
    SW - 170 (started Phen 4/15/08)
    CW - 160 (4/29/08)
    CW - 152 (5-22-08)
    CW - 147 (6-9-08)
    cw- 133 (9-28-08)
    CW- 125.5 (11-13-08)
    CW - 123 (12-20-08)
    GW - 120

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    Welcome!!! Hope you find that we're supportive/very good listeners/we will talk about anything/and offer advice if we can. Oh, I almost forgot...we are a little crazy at times....just like a big family. Good Luck!

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    Welcome Mommy!
    I started Phen a little over 5 wks ago, and have had great success so far. I went into this looking for a change in lifestyle, so from day one I started calorie counting (Weight Watchers) and exercising because I knew it was something I wanted to be able to maintain even after Phen. As far as diet, Phen is an appetite suppresant, so it helps decrease your appetite making it easier to stick to a diet. I take it once a day as prescribed by my dr, but I have heard of people taking it every other day. You have to see what works for you. I would love to lose 5 lbs a week but I'm really in no hurry, I didn't put the weight on overnight, so I'm not expecting it to go away overnight. I would rather lose 70 lbs in 12 months, than lose it all in 3 months and gain back 70 plus another 20.

    Slow and steady wins the race! You're doing a great job, congrats on your weight loss!

    Highest Weight 196
    Lost 50lbs on Phentermine + WW
    Gained 15lbs 8/09-2/10
    Started HCG 2/19/10
    3/19/10 Down 20.6lbs
    Currently on Phase 3 of HCG Diet
    Staring Phase 2 again 4/9

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    Default Hello

    Well to start off my name is Victoria iam a mommy to a 2 year old named Belle and have been with my husband Mitchell for 7 1/2 years. I was always on the thicker side for being only 5'0 tall i normally never got bigger then 130 which wasnt big but my "ideal" weight was 110 to 115 which is so unrealistic for me. So i went on La Weight Loss and lost 30 lbs then got pregnant with my daughter gained 75lbs during my pregnany and never lost it all. So i decided to do Phentermine since alot of my family and friends did it and have a big sucess. I started Tuesday July 8th and ive lost 18 1/2 lbs so far and tomorrow 7-29 makes 3 weeks. Ive heard it slows down. Do you have to work out more eat less? I dont want it to slow down to 1-2 lbs a week. I wouldnt mind 4-5 a week. Has anyone been on it for awhile and kept losing alot of weight without starving yourself? I made a bet with my husband that if iam 180 by Aug 22 when we go on vacation he has to do Old Time Photos LOL ive always wanted to get them done and thats my incentive. I never thought i would lose weight that quickly so thankfully i have 3 weeks left and 8 lbs to lose so i know i can do it. Also does anyone take them daily? My dr said go on and off because it will lose its affect. Luckily i still am hyper ( not as much as the first couple days) and iam still not hungry. Good Luck to everyone

    These 2 right here are my inspiration
    11-16 206 :*(
    12/14-183.6!! FIRST MONTH LOSS 20.4LBS!!!
    3/22-159.6 3 MONTHS IN 46.4lbs DOWN

    Mini Goal- 170 by Christmas
    Mini Goal-145 by Valentines day
    BY our 11 year anniversary March 4 2012 i want to be at my goal weight of 130

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