How will you maintain?
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    I am in maintenance mode & it has not been as difficult as I thought. Since I weigh a little less then my actual goal, I don't even flip out when the scale goes up 2-3 lbs. A few weeks ago, I was up to 156, & a few days later, it was back to 151.4. Since I have done weight watchers in the past & I counted calories while on phen, I mentally do a combination of both. Its working so far. Another thing that is working for me, is when I have dinner out planned or an event, I make sure to increase my exercise. After working out that morning, I sometimes just add an evening walk. I kill 3 birds with 1 stone, by burning some extra calories, making my daughter happy because she gets to ride her bike while I walk, & the dog is happy because he gets his walk too.

    Height 5'7
    SW - 178 (2-20-08)
    GW- 155
    Lost 16.4 lbs in 6 weeks on phen
    Lost additonal 9.6 after phen from 4-9-08 to 6-20-08
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    Wow, all of you have some good plans. Makes me wonder whats wrong with me. lol. Myself, i am SCARED to death of life after phen. I am still new on this, so hopefully I will be sure of myself later down the road. But for now, i just shudder at the thought of no phen. I know the time is going to come though, so I really need to think of what I am gonna do after phen. So far, I know I am gonna keep logging my food. That seems to help me. If I have to write it down and see the calories/fat etc then I am more likely to stay on track. But for right now, I am just focused on learning how to eat better and getting this weight off.
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    Well I am hoping that I will now know what "real" portions are. Even when we have gone out to eat, I always take home more than half. I know what foods should/shouldn't eat, but I will keep portions down, I do like to log on Spark people to keep record of food eaten, exercise etc. I am trying to get in that habit now so by the time I lose all my weight that will be second nature.

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    I am also going to say Weight Watchers and that is also one of the reasons I use it now. I like the accountability of it all. I will also probably switch to the Core Plan after Christmas. I do not have an exercise program yet, but I will definitely be exercising. I really want to do some good cardio and some strength training.
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    WEIGHT WATCHERS! That is the main reason I joined WW when I started Phen. They are teaching me how to live a healthy lifestyle.
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    By continuing to research weight loss and eating issues and continuing to be aware of what I am doing. That was my plan. However, since I can't seem to lose these last pounds it has turned into more of a "keep doing the same dang thing forever because there's nothing left to change" kind of thing. LOL

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    I'm with mapgirl. Being on phen taught me so much: portion control, how to slow down while i eat, looking at nutritional info, and so much more! I feel so much better about myself now, and I dont think I'd ever want to go back to where I was before. All i know is that my weight is something I will have to battle with forever, but now I think I know the right things in order to keep it in control
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    I plan on doing weight watchers, after Phen I plan on going to the meetings. I am already lifetime from before my kids. Right now I can't pay for Phen and weight watcher meetings. Also I will have time I can set aside to work out in the coming weeks so it will not be such a struggle to work out
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    I've learned portion control. Before Phen I really didn't know what a serving size was...just thought it was a suggestion. Also, with the help of Phen I know exactly what I am eating... as opposed to just eating whatever while I'm watching TV.
    Weight before Phen 175
    SW - 170 (started Phen 4/15/08)
    CW - 160 (4/29/08)
    CW - 152 (5-22-08)
    CW - 147 (6-9-08)
    cw- 133 (9-28-08)
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    The process for me has been long, trying to find a way of eating I could live with forever. I finally have, so that will help SO much. I love the foods I eat, and I think that is a key. I've also spent the last few years learning how to make my favorite foods healthy, finding healthy replacements for my not so healthy snacks, etc. For too long, I was wrapped up in "fads" and eating in a way I could never live with. Finding something I could live with took some time, but I hope that will be the key to my maintaining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jsmom View Post
    We all talk about our game plans to get the weight off, but have you thought about how you plan to keep it off? You know life after Phen? Although it's a great ride so far, I really do not want go through this again. Once I get to my goal, I plan on staying put!
    I'm paying more attention this time in terms of what I am eating and how much exercise really impacts my weight and how I feel. Even on the two days I have off of phen a week it gets hard...especially the second day! But I lost 50 someodd lbs a YEAR ago and I'm getting really tired of not having lost the rest of the weight already....and I know I won't lose all the rest with phen, but I will damn sure not gain any weight back!!!

    congrats on your loss so far!! i'm jealous of that '1' !!!!
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    Default How will you maintain?

    We all talk about our game plans to get the weight off, but have you thought about how you plan to keep it off? You know life after Phen? Although it's a great ride so far, I really do not want go through this again. Once I get to my goal, I plan on staying put!

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