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    My dr put me on Topamax with the Phen to help curb binge and nighttime eating. I haven't filled it yet because the phen alone right now curbs that. I am getting a B12/Lipotropic shot each week. I have to meet with the doctor again next week because she wants me to go back on Metformin, but I don't want to, so I'm trying to lose as much as I can before then I wouldn't take Alli just because too many people I know have gone through way too many panties with that stuff I'll stick with the Phen for a while, I am scared to take anything else with it, especially weight loss aids because I have high BP... don't need anything else to contribute to that. talk to your Dr, that is really the only person that knows your history and can help you out Good luck!
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    Hi, Im new to Phen and my Dr put me on 30 mg in the morning of Phen and 30 mg of Bontril for afternoons to help with night time munchies. It seems to be helping me Im down 10.6 pds in 2 weeks. I know a few people who are on the same program as I am and they see a differnt Dr. And they too are seeing some good results. Some of them get the B12 shot as well but I dont. Hope this helps

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    Did some looking. Looks like you should not take any other weight loss meds with Phentermine. Could cause heart problems, like the Phen fen. There are a few threads about taking B-12 with Phen and some people are getting results.I have not tried the B-12 but it looks tempting...

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    There are some that take Alli. I would be scared to take anything that would boost my energy (like a diet pill) mixed with the Phen. Heck, Phen has enough side effects alone. I couldn't imagine mixing it with something else.
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    Default ?? Anyone know

    Im curious to know if there is any other weight loss meds that you can take with Phen. Just to help boost the weight loss again.
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