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    My normal resting pulse is around 95-100 and that's with taking a beta blocker. I don't have a problem exercising though. I agree about the water... also, are you eating regularly? I get attacks when I don't eat. Does your dr take your BP and pulse regularly? When mine was consistently over 100, I was put on a beta blocker and that helps, but I still get episodes. I generally try to lay down and rest for a little while, drink some water, eat a little something and it usually subsides. But you definitely need to bring this to the doctor that prescribed your phen attention. Good luck.

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    Make sure you are drinking water. Your pulse will go up if your dehydrated. The med does speed up your heart, but yours sounds kind of high. Also, how is your BP going?

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    Default Heartrate

    I was wondering how we are supposed to exercise when sometimes I feel like my heart is racing away and I go to Walmart and take it and my Blood Pressure and my blood pressure is higher than normal, but okay, but my heart rate is 125-133? Does anyone else have a high heart rate here and there?

    I know this med increases bp and heart rate, but by that much? My norm is higher than most, sometimes up to 90 without exercise.
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