Why am I so tired??????
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    I agree with the statement about the weather, this time of year always does it for me. Are you taking a good multi? How about a good B complex? Getting all of your water in? That, combined with exercise generally help me, but some days, you just need a blah day, and Sunday is a great day for it!!! Wishing you luck!!

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    I was also extremely tired my first few weeks on Phen (although I now know it might have been due to something else). It wore off eventually. I've never really had the rush of energy that others experience, except maybe on the second day. My energy levels are about the same as they were pre-Phen.

    Cmarie, when you say you feel tired when you try to go off Phen, do you mean trying to go off for good or trying to take a break? If I don't take phen one day, the day is guaranteed to be...blah. I'm so tired that I don' get anything done. Mostly lay around on the couch and watch TV and sleep (and take care of my son, of course). Is that what you feel like when you try to go off? I guess that's some kind of withdrawal symptom?
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    I've been on phen for a month and I've had absolutely no burst of energy..no more energy
    than before taking the Phen...but I lost 18 pounds and 10" total so it must be working..altho
    I've been stuck on this 18 pound loss now for about 4 days...gonna skip the phen for a few
    days and see if I can jump start it again...

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    You're not doing anything wrong. I'm been really tired latey too, but I blame it on the humid weather we're having right now. Phen doesn't work the same for everyone. Some people get a 'burst' of energy..some 'bounce off the walls'..others feel nothing different. I'm one that feels nothing different. If you're tired then your body needs sleep.

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    There have been some threads in the past about this. I personally never experienced the exhaustion, except when I tried to stop Phen. Try searching the forum for threads in the past about it. I know there is some information out there for you!
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    Unhappy Why am I so tired??????

    I started phentermine Wednesday and I felt weird but okay, Thursday I was fine, Friday I had lots of energy and today I was sleepy all day for some reason???
    Has anyone felt this way? Am I doing something wrong?

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