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    I just finished my first month of phen, and my DR said I have to be off a month! I hope I dont gain because if I do he won't perscribe any more.

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    hey there I am taking a break from Phen because i just went back to work after 90 days and Im moving I am s o stressed and unable t o apply myself a full 100% i even put on a littlle weight since I lost. pound or two...but hopefully I'll get that new feeling again and the good thing I am going too be 4 min away from my job driving so I decided to bike there to tighten my thighs and legs.

    Starting Weight: 197

    Mini Goal 10 pounds

    WEEK 1: 193 (lost 4 lbs)
    WEEK 2: 189.5
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    WEEK 4:
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    Yes, good question cmarie, how long do you need to come off? I have taken 1/2 tab for a week and then taken a whole and that seemed to jump start things. I didn't feel the exhaustion with 1/2 tab. But also I've been on for 4 months and I have never taken a break. My doc says I don't have to, but after listening to everyone hear I think it may be a good idea.

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    Taking the break should make a big difference!

    Raquel, how long do you stay off of Phen when you take a break? I tried to take a break once and I just couldn't deal with the exhaustion. I know I probably need to do that soon. This is my 5th month on Phen and I probably need to take a break as well. Maybe I can get by on a week off???
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    Yes - for me taking a break from Phen does work. I love it when I re-start, the dry mouth, the energy burst.

    During the break just be aware of what you are eating and don't go back to old unhealthy habits.
    Best of luck to you.
    Hi, I'm Roc & I'm on the weight loss rollercoaster as well as a 42 yr. old - mother of 3 year old twins. An entirely different rollercoaster
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    Keep trying your best to lose the weight that you want to. I know it's so hard to because you have to eat less calories all the time & you have to only eat fruits & vegetables mostly which is mostly the hardest part because you see all them fast food places around & you just want to go to them but you cant because if you do you will just gain weight probably but in the end it will be worth it that you losted the weight that you wanted.
    I wish you the best of luck with everything. Keep going don't let the weight not losing it get you down I always let that happen but noone should & I shouldn't etheir.The Weight Has To Come Off!!!
    Good Luck

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    Default Taking a break

    I hope I made the right decision. I have been on phen for 2 months. Lately I feel I am getting immune to it. Sat I was supposed to go to the dr. he gives 1 month supply. He only has these appointments every 2 weeks. I decided to wait 2 weeks before I go. I only have 4 pills left (I may borrow some from a friend who goes to the same dr, she has extra, missed a lot of days)

    I decided to skip this week and will go again in 2 weeks, I figured I would give it a break and hopefull feel like I did in the beginning again. I have heard people say they take days off here and there. My question is does it work?

    I really wanted to loose the rest of the 40 lbs before my wedding in mid Oct but now feeling I wont get there, Any advice or encouragement will help.


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