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    How awful!! Polyps because you lost weight!! How can we win... I haven't heard of this, but I wish you good luck. Are you still in pain? Is there anything else they can do besides surgery? This is so unfair... Keep us posted...

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    You are losing weight - getting healthy and your gallbladder retaliates? wth? And then... what's the crap with the insurance?

    So how long do you have to go through pain while you "let" these polyps grow so the insurance does cover it.
    And I just think the whole thing ****s and I'm glad you are feeling better ... but now it's like you are probably holding your breath - just waiting for that freakin intense pain to flair up again.
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    Default Gallbladder problems due to weight loss

    Okay, who has dealt with this??? I had severe pain last week accompanied with nausea, vomiting and etxreme headaches. At first I was diagnosed with Kidney stones (which wasn't the case), and then they did an ultrasound and found that I have 2 polyps on my gallbladder. The polyps are only 5mm and 7mm in size. My doctor said that unless they were 10mm or larger, I wasn't a candidate to have my gallbladder removed. However, he did warn that the polyps probably were a result of my recent weight loss and that they would probably continue to grow if I continued to lose weight. Has anyone else had this problem?? Basically he said I would end up having my gallbladder removed but that insurance wouldn't cover the surgery until the polyps were larger. WTF?!
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