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    I've always wanted to try that applesauce trick! I might even go to the store tomorrow and pick some up! I switched to whole wheat pasta. My kids didn't even know the difference!

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    I read somewhere that you could use butternut squash and make baked fries. Always wanted to try it...but haven't yet.

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    I use applesauce instead of oil when making banana bread. It comes out really moist.
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    Default Recipe make-overs

    What's your favorite meal or food that you "made over" to accommodate to you low carb or low fat lifestyle?

    For me it's french fries, I was looking for a way to make french fries without tons of fat and also without having to peel potatoes. So what I do is I microwave some frozen french fries for about 2-3 minutes and then finish cooking them in a pan sprayed with fat free cooking spray so that they are nice and crispy.
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    My second favorite, when I'm doing low carb is a crustless pizza. I just use all the toppings I would use if it were a regular pizza sausage, cheese, sauce etc and bake it in a small round pan. Total carbs : 4

    It tastes great and I feel like I'm cheating when really I'm not.

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