Is it safe????
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Thread: Is it safe????

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    I like fiber 1 bars. They make you go regularly! If your constipated now and dont have anything handy then try putting sea salt in water. Its a sure way of going.
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    All Bran Fiber drink mix!!! Add it to your water and it will help, it helps me at least. Also my nurse said warm prune juice and the only 2 times I have had a problem that worked wonders
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    My dr prescribed me a pill that is basically aloe vera .. which she gives to everyone on Phentermine. I just started so I haven't used it, but apparently it works very well. You can also use aloe vera juice mixed with apple juice or water.

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    I'm not sure. But I know there are a few here that highly recommend miralax.

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    This has been a problem of mine for the past 3 months (as long as I've been on phen). I have to take a laxative to go every week. I also don't get the urge... but your right I think of everything I've put in my stomach the past week and even though it is not as much as before, something needs to come out!! I think it's safe to take the mag citrate again. Try metamucil going forward, someone recommended it this morning to me. I hope it works for both of us!!!

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    Question Is it safe????

    Last week i used that magnesium citrate when I got really constipated.....well, it worked but now Its been a whole week since i've gone to the bathroom...a whole weeks worth of food is in my stomach and its cramping.....i drink a ton of water but i have no urge to go at u think its safe for me to use the magnesium again or should I try something else??
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